Reviewing the Swingline Companion Desk Stapler

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Choosing the right desk stapler is challenging simply because there are so many of them available. Many of these staplers are made by Swingline including the Companion. This device is small and can staple documents containing as many as 20 pages. It also looks great and comes with a detachable staple remover. Here's everything you should know about this device. Check it out.

  • The Companion has a typical stapling capacity for a desk device. It can staple up to 20 sheets at a time which should be sufficient for everyday office work. If you think you'll need to work with longer documents, having a high-capacity stapler on-hand wouldn't be a big idea.
  • One thing that makes the Companion stand out is that it has an integrated, detachable staple remover. Because of this, you'll always have a remover available to you. The remover even has a third tooth so you can quickly and cleanly remove staples from your documents.
  • This device is compatible with Swingline S.F. 4 premium staples. This is great because these staples are readily available and they don't cost very much money.
  • The Companion is solidly built and it even has a stapling mechanism that's entirely made out of metal. (This mechanism will help you cleanly staple your documents.) The base is also reinforced. This is a pretty durable stapler so you'll be able to get a lot of use out of it.
  • This device is surround by materials that are smooth to the touch. These smooth surfaces make this device a pleasure to use and they'll also help reduce fatigue when you're processing a lot of documents. This stapler weighs about 1 pound, so it's nice and lightweight as well.
  • The Companion is a classic Swingline stapler and has styling that's similar to some of their other staplers. This device will look great wherever it's being used (i.e. home, office, classroom).
  • The Companion is very reasonably priced. It's available for less than $30.00. And it's protected by a one-year warranty so it can be fixed or replaced if necessary.

The Swingline Companion is one of the better smaller staplers on the market. The company did everything right with the device from the stapling capacity to the exterior styling. The 20-sheet stapling capacity is good for daily stapling and if you happen to staple your document in the wrong space, just whip out the remover and take care of it. You can use genuine Swingline staples with the device and expect great results. And let's not forget that this stapler is soft and it won't be hard on your hands. The price and warranty as great too. (How many high-quality staplers can you get for less than $30.00? There's not very many, that's for sure.) Basically, this is one of the best staplers Swingline makes and you owe to yourself to check it out. So, take a look at the Companion today so you can start stapling all of your important documents.

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Reviewing the Swingline Companion Desk Stapler

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This article was published on 2010/08/12