First Date Panic Attacks

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First dates can excite you to the core as well as prove to be quite a panic attack for many. It solely depends on how you manage it and learn the tricks of making it successful. There are some common attacks that people usually go through thinking about their first date or in the presence of their companion.

Men and women tend to consider the first date as an interview session and not a time to have fun and know your mate. This really gets on their nerves and result in panic attacks.

Take the date as a testing device. For the first few dates make sure you test each other and your compatibility level as well. For example testing the water whether it's hot or cold before you plan to swim in it! Be sure about your excitement level before any kind of serious dating.

Be sure that you guys think alike. It's very important to think in the same direction. For example if you are a keen talker and your companion is not a good listener then things will definitely not work out! Attraction here stops playing the role and it's just a one way road. So keep this factor in mind!

Reciprocation from your companion is quite vital. Even if you feel the connection with them doesn't mean they feel the same. You'll obviously get clues from them as the date progresses to many others. If they try to change topics or doesn't respond to some of your questions you'll know what they want.

Touch is another way to know what your companion feels. If they try to make any physical contact then things can go further. Panic attacks generally happen when you know you have strong feelings for your mate but they don't have the same feelings for you or things aren't going as you want it to be.

Control your attacks by taking things as it comes. Take one activity at a time and concentrate on that. One of the best ways to encumber it is to keep it out of your mind. But try and give him a few hints about your fear for him.

Follow these below mentioned simple rules to minimize your panics and fears-

Be a good listener and don't try to dominate the conversation.
Don't behave like an interviewer, it's a date! Try and let your companion feel comfortable and its not always that first impressions are right.
The ultimate goal should be to have fun! Even if you are sure you won't have a lasting relationship with the person, be polite and have a pleasing personality.
Lastly, remember that you will always have a chance of that first date until and unless you find the perfect guy for yourself. So stop panicking!
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First Date Panic Attacks

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This article was published on 2010/12/07
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