Find a Love: Keeping Secrets From Your Partner

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Is it ok to keep secrets from your companion? Have you done it before? Most of us are guilty of keeping real secrets from our companion, even if the secrets are diminutive; they are secrets just the same. So, is there a balance between honesty and keeping secrets? How do you know when you are crossing the line? Is there a right or wrong answer to this issue or is it a matter of personal perspective? If you are in a committed relationship looking to find true, then honesty is the greatest policy, which it is for all companionship's, including the less serious dating relationships. Honesty creates a feel where honesty exists and that truth helps us to trust each other and build a relationship. When you trust each other, you have an easier time of growing together as a realistic. Where there is mistrust in a relationship, there will be a rockier road because you never have complete certainty that your companion is telling you the honest truth.

We all want to believe that our companion is being truthful with us. If you are holding a big secret like you are married or you have been having an affair with someone, obviously, that is something that needs to come out into the open and keep your relationship realistic. It's not fair to your partner to be lied to like that with you living a lie about the kind of relationship you have. However, some singles may argue that white lies are okay in a companionship. White lies are usually about simple matters and most of the time to spare somebody's emotions. So, is it okay to tell a white lie every now and then? This is definitely a moral issue, which needs to be decided on a personal level and how often. For example, this is for the men, what if your significant other asks you if she looks fat in her outfit, sure you can lie a bit. Do you say yes and risk hurting her feelings and alienating her for being a bit over weight? Or do you tell her a white lie and say that she looks fine and is not fat at all? You need to make this decision on your own; white lies are not hurting your companion, but you should try to be as truthful as possible. So what do you do if you think your companion is lying to you for? Should you confront him or her?

As previously mentioned, honesty is the best policy, but you need to have the "confrontation" at a time when you will be calm and not overreact. Don't accuse either, but seek out the information in a non-confrontational approach, that shows you have questions but are willing to hear your companion's side of the story. If your partner does not confess to the secret you think he or she is keeping, don't force the issue at that point. Wait until you gather proof and then come back and present that information. The proof is in the pudding and your companion won't be able to lie his or her way out of that. Just remember to work at holding truthfulness as a high priority in your relationship and you and your companion will go very far down the road towards emotional maturity and you'll find a real love that lasts.

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Find a Love: Keeping Secrets From Your Partner

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This article was published on 2010/12/18
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